How to Start Your Own Business in 8 simple steps!

My guest for the podcast is a man who has the Midas touch. He has perfected every art and craft he put his mind into. From being a Director in the prestigious PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) to writing columns for the most prominent news houses, speaking at various national and international educational institutions, and authoring three best-selling books.

I have with me multifaceted Sandeep Das. He is here to discuss the lessons he learned through his experiences and what his mentors taught him. And he shares with us why his latest book- ‘Hacks for Life & Career: A Millennials Guide to Making it Big’, is a must-read for millennials and Gen Z.

Here are some of the points that I thought will sum up the session:

1. Become an all-rounder

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When there are so many articles and books that suggest you stay focused, pick a niche and master it, the idea of becoming a Jack of all trades might sound bizarre!
But it is not as strange as it feels. Being an expert in a particular field will surely get you to places, but it will not let you expand your horizon. On the other hand, if you try to practice two or three things that may not be your expertise but are a field of interest, you will gradually master it.
When I say Jack of all trades, I don’t mean you have to be an expert in everything. But to know things that will help you grow in multiple directions is something that we all can practice. For example, you can be a singer and also compose and direct songs. Be an all-rounder!

2. Maximise your Strength

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This is the extended version of the first point I made. By maximising your strength, you are making sure that you are incomparable in certain spaces.
Here is an example:
You are a fantastic painter who often does pottery and makes crafts. But your expertise lies in painting. So even though, one day, when you decide to quit making pots, you have your paintings because you are unmatchable. So it would be best if you were the best in your area of expertise and gradually practiced other art.
By doing so, you are staying relevant in your field and broadening your horizons simultaneously.

3. Value the Feedback

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When you put your product out in the market, you will get reactions; it is a given. The responses can either be positive, negative or remain neutral. How you respond to those feedback decides for how long you are going to stay relevant.
If you are putting too much thought into the positive feedback, you might stop working hard because, in a way, you achieved what you wanted. In the same way, if you keep thinking about the negatives, you failed even before you began!
What matters most is how well you can take the criticism and work on it.

4. Keep Improving Everyday

When you start on your own, your only goal must be to become a better person than you were yesterday. Better in terms of productivity, attitude, and adding value to society.
Start working on yourself from day one, and you are eventually at a place where you will feel that this is it, this is where you wanted to be. But, here’s the catch. Even then, you have room for improvement! So, never stop learning. It is a thumb rule that I know and live by!

5. Let Luck Play its Part

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There are times, you are working hard on a project and do not work out in the way you expected it to be. But, do not beat yourself up with disappointment. What matters is you gave your best. Luck becomes a crucial factor sometimes.
You can be at the right place at the right time, and your life will take an unexpected turn. Somedays, luck just works in our favour, and someday it doesn’t.
Our job is to work towards our goal with complete honesty. Put all our efforts in, and even after that, if we fail, the next best option is to get up and get going.

6. Follow the Present Path but Lead your Future

Failure can overwhelm you, and so does uncertainty. Unfortunately, we are a generation of confused youngsters who do not know how or where to start.
The most effortless and straightforward idea is to pick an already chalked-out path in such a confusing situation. Then, walk on it and figure out if this is something that you can build your future on.
It is a win-win strategy if you ask me. Because even by the end, if you cannot figure out that one particular idea, you eventually end up learning one thing or the other.
I know it is easier said than done. But when you think of it, you will understand that it is better to start somewhere than not to start at all.

7. One Person’s Loss is Another Person’s Gain

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“Knowledge comes from Experience”. Right! But it doesn’t need to come from experiencing it first-hand. Instead, you can learn from other people’s experiences. This will save you a lot of time and also help you make a list of things which you should and should not do to not fail.
Learn from people’s mistakes. Learn what made them successful and what did not. This is not a shortcut; it is a smart way to climb up the ladder.

8. The Power of Negativity!

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Yes, you read that right! I am talking about the power of negativity. When you start something new, there is always a risk of failing at it. But what is worse than failing is the fear of failure itself. So don’t be afraid of failure; embrace this thought. This way, you know what is the worst that can happen. You are prepared for it, and when you are prepared for it, you become carefree! There is a confident attitude that you carry along. And you never know this confidence might take you to a place you never imagined because of the fear of failing.
So do not fear failing. Instead, fear the thought that you might never actually try anything new!

I believe these few points will make a huge difference in the long run and help you realise that your potential is limitless. Just never stop believing in yourself.
This session was amazing. I enjoyed every bit of it and learned a lot. I hope all of you will have fun too. Do not forget to listen and share.

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