Follow These 3 Principles In Life To Be Most Successful

Raj Shamani
3 min readMar 9, 2023
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You should only take advice from people who know what they are talking about. And from people who are already in a place in their lives where you aspire to be in. The way you can identify a good mentor is through their character. I had one such opportunity to sit down with Sahil Bloom, whose positive attitude and aura walks into the room before he does. Having teh great Tim Cook as his mentor, Sahil has some great insights that are proven to help you walk down a path of success. So here’s how you stumble upon success-

1. Integrity is valuable

Life is a long ride, and so is your career. There will be many moments when you might be tempted to do something with a tinge of negativity. It will seem small and insignificant at the time, but it’s never negligible. It’s a slippery slope, and once you are on it without any consequences, it’s tough to stop it. Make sure you consciously choose how you conduct yourself in life and business, and avoid selecting situations or actions that demand you to lower your integrity and compromise on principles.

2. Sustainable work ethic

Hard work will be your answer to everything. And I’m neither glorifying nor demonizing hustle. When you are young, the only positive you have is the amount of time on your hands. Yes, you need to work smart, but not when you are 18, 23, or 27. To find what you are absolutely best at, you need to knock on as many doors as possible, try out hundred different things and say a big yes innumerable times. You might be working smart and hard at something, but it can turn out to be something that’s not your calling. Build a strong work ethic where you do not shy away from hard work. You only need to make one positive decision at a time and keep going forward until you achieve what you want.

3. Listen more than you speak

If this advice seems as old as time, it’s because it’s absolutely true. When you learn how to truly observe, you go through life, soaking lessons from every nook and cranny. And this particular skill is, in fact, a great life hack. People say that you always learn from mistakes. Now, what if you learn from your own mistakes (obviously, duh), but also from others’ mistakes? The number of use cases increase, and simply by observing without a judgmental lens increases your chance and opportunity to learn critical life lessons. Every great leader or successful person has been deemed a great listener, and this is why!

Also, understand that finding success is a long-term process, and once you apply these principles, you’ll see its compounding effect over time. So, take a step back, stop comparing yourself to others, practice delayed gratification, and look at the light at the end of the tunnel.

For more such insights, tune in to the full episode of Figuring Out here.

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