Building Brand Identity In India? 3 Tips To Follow

Raj Shamani
3 min readMar 17, 2023
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So many opinions on how to build a brand. A lot of times, how your brand should look and sound is determined by the players in the same category that are already there. But how do you build your brand identity from scratch if you are not only launching a business but, essentially, launching a whole new category of business? Byju’s education platform was the first of its kind in India. So what’s the secret sauce to the startup’s wide popularity? Here’s Divya Gokulnath, Director and co-founder of Byju’s, sharing how Byju’s built its brand-

1. Personify your brand

It’s a tale as old as time but still as true. People don’t buy from companies; people buy from other people. For starters, in order to succeed, your brand needs to be relatable to people. And the most effective way to make a product relatable is by adding a certain humanness to it. When potential users see people that are behind in building a product and you are sharing your journey with them, they start to identify your brand more profoundly.

2. Have a purpose

Statistically speaking, people are willing to invest in products that are making the world a better place than something that just benefits them personally. This is exactly what Byju’s did. Education is something that has always been highly regarded, and with the advent of online learning, more eyes have turned toward them. The goal to educate as many people, and make learning accessible is what an average user like about the brand. Apart from propagating the importance of knowledge, Byju’s also proudly boasts comprising 40% female employees, a record high for a technology company. Having a purpose adds to personifying your brand. People will always be ready to pay the big bucks if they know that what your brand stands for is commendable.

3. Build trust among users

It’s known that big brands are not built with love. But that doesn’t always have to be true. If you have truly understood the value of building a purposeful brand and making it relatable to people, instilling trust comes right after! Imagine all the brands that you personally are loyal to. You have your preferences or rather trust and love these brands because they always deliver on their promises. When you show people the authenticity behind your goals and are honest about your brand and how you build it, trust is a direct outcome of them falling in love with your business.

See, even after people love your brand, there will be moments in time when your brand might receive a lot of negativity. Especially if it gets big fast. So all you have to do is, keep delivering on your promise to your customers and continue to provide them with the same or better quality each time.

We discussed more on brand building with Divya Gokulnath on this episode of Figuring Out. Watch the full episode here. Share it with a friend who’s building a startup!

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