Beyond Ram Mandir: 5 Powerful Lessons from Shri Ram

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The inauguration of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya was a truly monumental occasion. Shri Ram, or Lord Rama, is worshiped and followed throughout the world for his divine virtues and timeless wisdom. I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Shantanu Gupta on my podcast ‘Figuring Out.’ He’s an author, a management consultant who’s worked in cities all over, and a political analyst. We were discussing the Ayodhya Ram Mandir opening, and I was struck by how relevant Lord Rama’s life remains, even in our modern world. So, here are five of the biggest lessons from his life that resonated with me.

1. Leadership

In the realm of history and myth, few figures capture the essence of righteous leadership like Lord Rama, the crown prince of Ayodhya kingdom. He always led from the front. When his duty called for exile, he ventured into the heart of the unknown forest and embraced a simple life — hunting his own food and sleeping on the bare ground. He truly walked the path he asked his people to tread. He didn’t just rule; he inspired. And in doing so, he etched his name not just in history but in the hearts of his people.

2. Perseverance

Lord Rama wasn’t just handed his crown. His path to kingship wasn’t a sprint; it was a marathon of resilience. Each obstacle, from battling monstrous demons to forging unlikely alliances with vanaras like Hanuman, was a testament to his unwavering focus. He didn’t let setbacks deter him, nor did he allow self-pity to cloud his judgment. His wife Sita’s captivity by the demon king Ravana didn’t break him; instead, love fueled his perseverance. The search for his beloved took an immense amount of time, but not once did he entertain the thought of giving up.

3. Relationships

Lord Rama’s story isn’t just about vanquishing demons and upholding dharma; it’s a testament to the transformative power of relationships in our lives. Consider Rama’s trust in family. He entrusted the weight of his kingdom to his brother Bharat and the responsibility of the family to his other brother, Shatrughna. It’s like the ultimate family support system. And let’s talk about his devoted wife, Sita. Even when she was abducted, Sita remained fiercely loyal to Rama. It echoes the powerful message that sticking by your loved ones, no matter the challenges, is a virtue we should all hold close to our hearts.

4. Compassion

What would you do if you faced the man who abducted your wife, the one who plunged your kingdom into chaos? The ten-headed demon king Ravana met his fate at Rama’s hands, yet Rama didn’t revel in victory. Instead, he saw the folly in Ravana’s choices, the path of arrogance that led to his downfall. In that moment, Rama offered not just defeat, but a chance for understanding, a glimmer of redemption. His compassion extended to all living beings regardless of their social status, emphasizing the importance of treating everyone with respect and dignity.

5. Humility

Imagine being the most skilled archer, wielding unparalleled knowledge of Astras and Shastras — yet not a trace of arrogance tarnished his demeanor. Lord Rama’s humility wasn’t a passive trait, but an active force that shaped his actions. As a leader, he valued counsel and readily acknowledged his own limitations. He understood that true power resided not in the absence of weakness, but in the courage to acknowledge it and seek guidance. No superiority complex, no looking down upon others. His interactions were laced with genuine respect and humility, leaving behind a powerful lesson for leaders and individuals alike.

His reign wasn’t just about wielding power; it was a delicate dance between strength and compassion. Following his story teaches us that once we latch onto a goal, we should never back down — whether it takes a day, weeks, or even years. And while we live in a world quick to judge and condemn, he reminds us that true power lies not in wielding a sword, but in wielding compassion.

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