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1. Learn to listen

Before you can expect other people to listen to you, you need to understand what authentic listening means. When you listen, you don’t simply stay silent during others’ speeches — quietly listen to what the speaker has to say, and process it all. Then, you respond or intervene appropriately.
While responding, resist the temptation to begin speaking yourself. Be careful not to add a story that lacks connections to what they’re talking about just because you feel like you need to.
Express your agreement and disagreement. That’s active listening.

2. Look for nonverbal cues

Communication isn’t just about words and sounds. Communication takes place not just verbally but also nonverbally in direct interactions. Communicating effectively involves the tone of our voice, our body language, facial expressions, and gestures. It is your standing, way of looking, and even the way you move that conveys your intentions and honesty to the other person. Nonverbal communication can’t be fabricated, unlike words.

3. Develop relationships

Owners and CEOs who can build personal connections with their staff are most admired. When a company takes the time to get to know its employees, people are more inclined to listen to it. This creates a culture of respect. This gives them credibility.

4. Document key points

Consider presenting a short five-minute presentation. You work on developing a speech that you believe will wow those in attendance and improve your reputation around the company. You are asked questions about what you said after the presentation. Did they not listen?
When this happens, you can help your audience remember by writing it down. By reading and listening simultaneously, people are more likely to engross your ideas.

5. Be mindful

Could it be that people don’t listen to you because you’re always talking? Funny how people who speak the most get the least attention. Because mindless talk isn’t very productive, what’s the point of listening to someone who doesn’t convey anything of value?

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