5 Ways Gen Z is Changing The Workplace

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Gen Z refers to people born around 1997–2010. According to the reports of the World Economic Forum, they constitute about 30% of the world’s population at present, and by 2025, they will make up 25% of the world’s workforce.

Business Coach Rajiv Talreja came to my podcast Figuring Out recently, and we talked about everything related to business. He had many opportunities to interact with Gen Z as a mentor. He believes that they have different attitudes toward work and life in general. They are energetic, motivated people who want to do something not just for themselves but for the community as well. Let’s look at the way they are changing the workplace.

1. Women have come forward

This generation’s most significant progress is that women have started leveling up. After the revelation of this vast majority of untapped potential, we can already see exceptional results.

From IT to design to HR to marketing, women are finding equal footing in every industry. They are equally dedicated as their male colleagues and ready to take on any challenge that comes their way in the workplace. There are also many women-led startups now, including unicorns like Nykaa and Mamma Earth.

2. Their priorities are sorted

Gen Z refers to a generation with massive exposure to social media. This is a time when traditional professions have taken a back seat, paving the way for new and exciting job opportunities. Hence, these people can choose and go ahead with only what they prefer.

They do not have the pressure on them to get a job as soon as they graduate. Therefore they take their time to research, find their strengths, and then work on it. Yes, salary is important to them, but it’s not the only deciding factor. Gen Z prioritizes job satisfaction as well.

3. They are eager to learn

Don’t let the memes on social media fool you; Gen Z has cracked the formula of work-life balance. They believe in working hard on weekdays and partying harder on weekends.

Most are interested in various things and can take a lot on their plate in the workplace. They are also responsible and already have a career chart in front of them. As a result, they will never hesitate to switch jobs if they think their ability is underutilized.

4. Inclusive workplace

These people grew up in a world where you can access information within seconds. This has made them aware of their situations and become more broad-minded. Thus, they are liberal and in favor of equity. Even in the workplace, they demand higher standards of equality and inclusivity.

Individual sexual identity is not a stigma for them, and they expect their company policies to align with their beliefs. Mental health is also a priority. These young employees are in favor of increased awareness, empathetic leadership, and a culture of well-being.

5. Career over everything

This generation understands the importance of building a career. This is a huge advantage for companies because they can rely on Gen Z to focus on work and not worry about anything else. They are ready to shift to another city or country if there’s a better job opportunity.

They are flexible with working from home, rather, working from anywhere. Gen Z prefers to be financially independent, and live a life on their own terms.

Gen Z has been creating a ripple in the workforce for some time now. They are an empowered generation, and companies must know how to utilize their talent. They are the ones who can break the glass ceiling and do away with the toxic work culture, so we must encourage and guide them.

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