5 Myths About IITs That You Need To Know

Approximately half of the country’s engineering students strive to be accepted into the premier engineering institutes such as the IITs.
When you start your JEE preparation journey, you will be inundated with various myths that can mislead you and even lower your chances of success. It is best to avoid such misconceptions by being informed.

Here are 5 myths about IITs and IITians that every aspirant should know:

1. The toughest entrance exam to crack

It may be one of the most difficult entrance exams to crack. But it is not impossible. With hard work and perseverance, any student can attempt IIT JEE and clear it.
There aren’t all IITians who are geniuses who can answer all JEE questions instantly. Many people worked hard, planned effectively, and practiced intensely to ace the exam. Likely, you will also be successful if you follow their example.

2. More studying time leads to higher exam scores

While hard work pays off in the long run, studying for 13–14 hours a day can affect negatively. Do not push your limits and fall sick because you want to crack this exam. Instead, work smart and schedule enough time to prepare for your exams.
Every person grasps things differently. Some subjects might take you a few hours longer to understand than others. Utilize the time wisely depending on your strengths and weaknesses, and your mind will focus better.

3. IIT graduates get only highly paid jobs

Another myth surrounding IITs is that IITians are the highest-paid regarding their jobs and salaries. Graduates of IITs earn much less than they are assumed to be. Not all IIT graduates receive such generous salaries. The average salary package offered to students ranges from Rs. 4 lakh to Rs. 8 lakh per year. It is often forgotten that salary packages are not determined by brand names but by one’s own capabilities and knowledge of the field or task

4. No social life for IITians

IITians are often portrayed as nerds with no social life when we think about them. It is this misperception that has the greatest impact on how IITs Students of IITs have a chance to interact with others and maintain their own social lives through cultural events such as Mood Indigo — IIT Bombay, Saarang — IIT Madras, Rendezvous — IIT Delhi, Antaraagni — IIT Kanpur and others. The cultural festivals provide IITians with a unique opportunity to meet individuals from various sections of society, communities, companies, etc.
Students also have an opportunity to showcase their talent and grow their social and business networks at these festivals.
Like every human being, the IITians do all the “normal” things they’re supposed to do. Besides partying and watching movies, they also play games and study as much as they have to.

5. IITs provide 100% placement

For years, it has been a myth that the IITs offer 100% placement. There aren’t always job offers for each graduate from IIT. It is not the JEE rank of a candidate or their grades earned at the IIT that is taken into consideration by recruiters on campus during the placement season. To get hired, students must be professionally compatible with the hiring company and possess the necessary skills. The assertion that IITians can get jobs quickly because of the institute brand name and receive fat salaries is a myth in such a competitive world.

Some myths are meant to be broken, especially when it comes to your mental peace. Life at IIT may not be an easy task, but stay motivated and remember why you came here to make your dreams come true. So, get going and keep rocking!

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