5 Hacks To Improve Your Sales

Raj Shamani
3 min readMay 22, 2023
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Business is all about improving sales. For that, companies often go through the remodeling of every department. Some businesses exist to advise other businesses on how to increase sales and grow exponentially. The success of a business depends solely on how good your sales numbers are.

In my last podcast episode, I was in a conversation with entrepreneur and investor Rajesh Dembla. He has many tricks up his sleeves for business development. We spoke on many subjects, but one of the most essential topics was how to increase sales. Let’s take a look at the 5 hacks to improve your sales.

1. Acknowledge what the customers want

A business develops because of the customers, and they should be your priority. Surf through the social media handles of your competitor brands, and interact with your customers to find out what they want. Maybe your product lacks a few qualities, reducing its appeal — the easiest way to find that is to talk to the people using it. Once you locate the problem, you can easily work on it.

As you see your sales increasing, ask your customers for product or service feedback to learn how they feel about your business and what opportunities you can cash on.

2. Provide additional services

Make your products top-notch so that customers keep coming back. It is challenging to gain new customers, so you should always try to hold on to the existing ones. Add some tempting discounts or personalized gifts for loyal clients.

Encourage them to share a promo code or secret discount links with others. They will refer to people they know — who could then become customers. This is an effective way to increase sales.

3. Importance of marketing

I always believe marketing is always a great strategy. Launching new products is not enough; you must know how to promote them. Do something unique to boost brand awareness. Include influencers who can help your brand connect to the audience. Make use of social media for advertising. Do a free giveaway. Once the word is out there, you will automatically see engagement on your website. People will want to try out this new product, thanks to the mass appeal of the brand.

4. Concentrate on the product itself

Today, shoppers check out every single thing before they buy a product. And why shouldn’t they? They are spending their hard-earned money. So, from packaging to customer service, everything needs to be perfect.

There is a lot of competition around you. If you want to build a business, you must be better than most. When making something, put yourself in the customer’s shoes, think about what they like and dislike, and proceed accordingly.

5. Change product prices once in a while

During festivals or the wedding season, make sure to offer discounts. When there’s huge demand, people will buy even if it’s a product they haven’t tried before. Make full use of it by slashing the prices. Once they get the hang of your products and services, they will return for more. And the best part is? They will want to buy your products despite the increased prices.

Improving sales may seem very difficult but it is nothing impossible. You have the basics of business to crack it. Build an A-1 product and make sure people know about it; once the first batch goes out, read customer feedback, work on it; and bingo! You will see your sales number flying high.

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