5 Common Mistakes That Leaders Make

When you start managing a team of people, it may feel overwhelming to understand people’s personalities and guide them accordingly. Or sometimes, you may delegate tasks to your team, thinking they are capable enough to do everything on their own without any input from you.
To strike the perfect balance, you must be wary of the mistakes that often happen in managerial roles. Here are 5 common mistakes that leaders make and how to avoid them, so your team can reach the greatest of heights.

1. Not concerned about conflict resolution

No one likes to intervene in the middle of a conflict, and there is a natural inclination to avoid them at all costs. But this results in an unhealthy working atmosphere. If there is a difference of opinion, simply not acknowledging the issue will not make it go away. Instead, it will keep festering the longer you avoid it.
Directly approaching the contentions is usually a good idea. Address them when they arise and do not mince your words while trying to empathize with the involved parties. Sometimes one may be wrong, and the other may be right. Be clear with the resolution without being rude.

2. Not connected to the team

Being inaccessible to your team members or not having open communication with them can be demoralizing for them. If the leader is only available while assigning tasks or critiquing their employees, it can build resentment.
You have to be attentive to what your teammates say so they feel their opinions have value. And it should not be a one-way channel of communication. You also need to take action based on the conversation if the situation demands it. It also helps your team members reach you in case of any confusion regarding work, which prevents possibilities of error and promotes efficiency.

3. Not sharing feedback

Not giving feedback to your employees can be detrimental to the efficiency of your organization. Delivering negative feedback for the poor quality of work or showering praises for a job well done should not be postponed till the scheduled once-a-year performance review meetings.
If your employees do not know they are making any mistakes, they can’t rectify them. Similarly, when you do not recognize the efforts of high-performing employees, it may make them feel undervalued. So it is always best to be vocal about your opinion at the earliest.

4. Not being humble

Being a leader is not about bossing people around; it is about leading them. When you get fixated on the idea of proving you know best, you start rejecting the viewpoint of others, which can hinder the true growth prospects of your team.
Whether you are the founder of your company or rode the corporate ladder to reach the top, your leadership skills will move the company forward, not the title of your designation. So being respectful towards others is a prerequisite for a leader. It will help your employees reach their full potential, which in turn reaps benefits for the firm.

5. Not following own policy

If you are a big promoter of work-life balance, you must work towards maintaining the same in your life. Berating your employees for tardiness seems hypocritical if you come late to every meeting. So, make sure you are the first person to follow the guideline you set.

You have to trust your teammates and yourself to be a good leader. Keep an open mind and assess your shortcomings without losing confidence. Evaluate the areas your team and you need to improve upon and work on them diligently. It is an ongoing process, and you will learn new things daily. But avoiding these common mistakes will promote a healthy work culture that can boost employee morale and productivity.

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