5 Best Business Ideas in India

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We have several businesses in India — from grocery delivery to food delivery to beauty and wellness products. As I have said before, when you are thinking of doing business, it is important to focus on execution, hiring the right team members, and promoting your brand on social media. But the idea is equally important. You need to know what your targeted consumer requires or wants the most. Nonetheless, it is important to remember that even after having the right idea and the right plan of action, your business might not be able to spread its wings. But if you don’t try, you will never know. Recently, I was talking to Ashutosh Valani, founder of Beardo. And this is what he said regarding the best business ideas in India.

1. Healthy food

Everyone is obsessed with healthy food in India now. The wellness message has finally reached the masses, and everyone wants to take care of their health and lessen the amount of junk food they consume. But here’s the twist: you must know we, Indians, love our flavors. So we would like to eat Makhana but need it to be flavorful. Because we can do a lot of things, but we cannot eat bland food! This especially holds true when we’re looking for snacks to accompany those leisurely evenings at work. We tend to get snacky, but most prefer healthy food that doesn’t compromise on taste.

2. Travel organizers

If there’s another thing we like to do apart from eating, that is traveling. Though there are a lot of brands in this niche, there can never be too many. You can try conducting trips to lesser-known locations and hidden gems. You can research what new things you can bring to the market. Yes, it is a tough market. But what’s life without competition? But this is a big business idea with many aspects you need to take care of. So, make sure you have the right infrastructure and team for the same.

3. Handcrafted business

As Make In India is now a phenomenon, many people prefer to buy handloom clothes and handcrafted items. However, not everyone has access to a wide selection of these products. Having an integrated platform would help us choose and buy handcrafted products. Also, it would directly benefit women and economically disadvantaged people from rural India. So, it would be a great help improving their economic situation.

4. Grooming services

Lockdown taught us how important it is to have grooming services delivered to our doorsteps. We need to look good, but we often do not have the time to go for a glam session in the salon. And even if we do, it’s probably at an odd hour. So, opting for at-home grooming services is the ideal solution. And for those of us who live alone, we often need help to get into our ethnic wear or style our hair. So, there is nothing better than a professional reaching your place.

5. Interior design

Visualizing your dream home is simple, but turning it into a reality often requires the expertise of interior designers. When the time comes to find one, it can be challenging, especially if you don’t have any personal recommendation. A platform that would cater specifically to this would be beneficial to a lot of people. We can easily book and contact them — and choose someone whose taste matches ours.

These are some of the basic ideas which are most suitable for the Indian market. But this is not an exclusive list — there are others, such as — cloud kitchen, wedding planner, online classes, and many more. So here’s the inspiration you have been waiting for: get cracking!

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