4 Techniques To Improve Delayed Gratification

What is delayed gratification?

To delay gratification, one must resist the temptation of immediate pleasure. As opposed to giving in to temptation, you hold out in hopes of getting a better or longer-lasting reward in the future.
This is an effective tool for learning how to live a purposeful life. Refraining from gratifying one’s impulses is commonly associated with impulse control: People with reasonable impulse control tend to excel at it. It is also possible to develop these skills.
The ability to weigh risks and rewards, resulting in the ability to postpone fulfillment rather than making a poor decision — especially if later, the reward is more significant than what we would get immediately. This is delayed gratification.

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1. Get to know your values

You can’t make sacrifices if you don’t know what you’re working towards.
Before you can become better at understanding this concept, you should figure out your work values and your personal values.
Knowing your purpose makes it easier to remember it when you’re tempted.

2. Begin with something small

With something that won’t be done for years, there’s no point in starting to flex your new skill that you just started practicing.
Take small steps toward your long-term goals before working toward your big ones.
Depending on your current ability to patiently wait for things to get better, you should decide how long to wait. You can start with one day, for instance, if you struggle with waiting one week for a reward, and you will eventually develop the habit.
Build it into your life if you don’t have anything specific to work towards.

3. Take a break from routine

Do your temptations tempt you without thinking about it?
To become more aware of what you do if this is the case, you can practice mindfulness.
Take a moment to pause when you notice yourself doing something habitually. Ask yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing. Take some time to analyze how you’re feeling.
Pay attention to the details.

4. Don’t give in to temptation

Identify ways to eliminate temptation where possible if you’re still struggling to delay gratification.
Consider the example where you tend to spend money on items you don’t need instead of saving. There are ways to make it harder for yourself to spend instead of saving.
Automate transfers to an account you can’t access. Even if you create this account at a separate bank, you won’t transfer money back.

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