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1. Identify your talent philosophy

You are often working with people who you might think are far more knowledgeable, competent, or talented than yourself.
When looking for employees, make sure that you are open to people who have different views from your own. It would be better if you didn’t expect to be told that you are right all the time or that your ideas are the right ones. Everybody needs someone who will tell them when they are wrong and help them fix their mistakes.

2. Keep up with market trends

In addition to knowing the best recruiters, you should also be familiar with the changing landscape.
We live in a rapidly changing world. It would be great if you stayed abreast of the changes in your industry. There is a constant change in talent. Thus, you can’t just stick with the same skills that got you results yesterday.
Nevertheless, you need to ensure that you run a thorough selection process by working with a top-notch recruiting firm and asking your team who they think are some of the brightest and most talented candidates. You will notice that asking those questions will lead you down a different path that you would not have gone down if you did not ask them.

3. Put in the effort

Be attentive when you are interviewing people, whether it is on video or in-person.
You are not only looking at the verbal answers the people are providing, but you are also taking note of all the nonverbal cues they are giving. Do they say anything of significance? Do they leave anything out? How does their body language convey what they are saying?
Maintain your focus. If you ignore this crucial part of the process, then you won’t be able to execute it properly.

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