3 Ways #MeToo Movement Changed the World

Raj Shamani
3 min readJan 23, 2024
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The term #MeToo was coined by activist Tarana Burke back in 2006. However, the movement gained traction in 2017 when actress Alyssa Milano urged victims of sexual harassment and assault to share their stories on social media. As more and more women came forward with their stories, the world saw for the first time how horrifying the situation is for women and minorities. It was truly a momentous thing to realize that being a woman is never easy. Not just celebrities, women of all classes and kinds came forward. Let’s now see how the world has changed post #MeToo.

1. Raised awareness

The movement taught women all over the world that it is not okay to stay silent when you are sexually harassed or violated in any way. At times, it becomes difficult for an individual to define an act as harassment. She may either be too shocked to retaliate or may be confused whether it was she who is misreading or overreacting to the whole situation. So, it was very important to raise awareness that it is time to break the silence. Women from all over the world protesting against years of discrimination and torment was an eye opener. This newfound courage has not only exposed individual perpetrators but has also challenged the structures that enabled such behavior to persist. The movement encouraged a sense of solidarity and empathy among people.

2. Shifting societal norms

The #MeToo movement toppled societal norms. It forced a reckoning within both corporate and cultural spheres. Cases involving public figures led to the exposure and removal of individuals in powerful positions across various industries. The movement has also fueled a shift in public perception, prompting audiences to scrutinize the behavior of public figures and institutions. Celebrities, once shielded by their status, now face consequences for their actions, illustrating that no one is above accountability. This heightened scrutiny is a testament to the #MeToo movement’s success in challenging deeply ingrained power dynamics and fostering a culture where misuse of power and status is no longer tolerated.

3. Changing laws

The intensity of this movement was such that it reached the government and they were forced to rewrite rules. Corporates are now reevaluating their internal policies, implementing stricter measures against harassment, and promoting more inclusive workplace cultures. Many jurisdictions have reevaluated and updated their sexual harassment laws, implementing harsher penalties for offenders. The movement has prompted conversation regarding consent, understanding the correct behavior, and appropriate code of conduct. Interestingly, the impact of the #MeToo movement is not limited to any particular region or institution. It had a global impact, leading to seeing the world from a different point of view. There was not any single incident but years of injustice, subjugation that finally found a voice like this.

In the years that followed, there were many call-outs that happened. And since I am talking about justice, I do have to mention that a certain percentage of those call-outs were fake. There were women falsely accusing men, which ruined their lives. After that catastrophe, there was no coming back as such. This, obviously, does not question the credibility of the movement but a general caution that just like sexual offenders must be criminalized so must be false accusers.

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