3 Ways Marketing Can Be a Game Changer for You

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In 2024, everything is about marketing and PR. It is all about how well you can promote and present yourself on social media while keeping it realistic, relatable, and attention-grabbing. If you are a close follower of pop culture content of Bollywood, you will know the names of Orry and Urfi Javed. If not, you can always Google them. These folks are everywhere on your feed. Whether you like them or support them is immaterial, the point is they are making themselves visible. And the more we are talking about them, making memes, the more they are earning money. So, if done in the right way, marketing can be a game changer, says someone whose whole profession revolves around that — Taapsee Pannu, the one and only!

1. Getting visibility

When you are starting a business, you need to spread the word and let people know of your arrival. Thus, getting visibility is very important if you want to succeed in a business. To do this effectively, become an expert in social media. Choose any one platform, YouTube, Instagram, or something else. Study other businesses and how they are utilizing each trend. Take notes of how customers are reacting to those posts and videos, the kind of words they are using to be relevant. Make a note for everything. Don’t just copy their style. Develop your own unique approach. Write a script if you’re doing a video or post. Design it with coordinated colors for aesthetic appeal. This way, people will be interested in learning more about your brand when your content appears on their feed.

2. Garnering customers and followers

The first target of any business is to get more customers and increase traffic on their websites. For this, you need to promote your brand or business. The more clicks it gets, the more people land on your website and the more they will keep coming back. Initially you cannot expect people to purchase from you or book your service. You first have to ignite their interest. There are various ways you can do it — collaborate with an influencer and spread the word or you can offer discounts on your purchase or create combination offers. Keep hopping on trends and posting Stories, you never know which one will turn out to be viral.

3. Building a loyal customer base

As people start buying from you, ask them personally to leave reviews and keep adding those reviews on your website or social media. This encourages others to check out your products, and if your offerings are good, they may end up making a purchase. Also, send notifications to your first customers, wish them on their special days, offer them more discounts and they will keep coming back to your brand. Once you have cemented these loyal customers, you will see how word of mouth and snowballing effect works. In no time, will you see your numbers going up.

There are a lot of businesses today who are competing to get attention. So, you have to focus first on the quality of your product, make sure they are up to the industry standard. You can also take up some other forms of marketing such as push notifications — Zomato and Swiggy are famous for these; you just have to keep them funny. Along with these, do send promotional emails which is often said to be the highest grosser among all methods.

Marketing to office etiquettes, we have got it all covered. Tap here to find out.

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