3 Things You Are Doing Wrong for Your Hair

Raj Shamani
2 min readJan 31, 2024
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Hair is like the crown on our heads. And is also probably the most neglected part of our body. Putting shampoo and conditioner twice a week is not enough. You need to take serious care of your hair to prevent thinning and male pattern baldness. There are a few things we need to change to make our mane better.

1. Not having a proper diet

When I was talking previously about taking care of eyes, I highlighted the importance of a healthy diet. In India, many people are vegetarians, so protein deficiency is a common issue leading to hair fall. In fact, non-vegetarians have protein deficiency as well. Consumption of too much junk food, oil, and fats can also lead to excessive hair fall. So, you need to maintain a well-balanced diet. Sometimes, we also see premature graying of hair and the root cause of that is sometimes linked to inadequate nutrition. Consult your physician first and then start consuming hair gummies and supplements for your hair based on their suggestion.

2. Not consulting a doctor

If male pattern baldness runs in your family, you need to consult a doctor as early as 25 years old. A good dermatologist can assess your hair pattern and recommend personalized care methods. In some cases, starting medications or supplements early on can help prevent or mitigate hair loss issues. Early intervention can make a significant difference, so seeking professional advice is crucial.

3. Expensive hair treatments

We see celebrities and their perfectly kept hair and we all want to achieve that. But we forget, there are people whose job is to work on that celeb’s hair. So, if you go to a high-end hair salon for an expensive treatment, it doesn’t guarantee replicating that texture. On the contrary, it might cause some serious damage to your hair. Most hair treatments include chemical treatment or heat treatment — neither of which is good for you. So, it’s better to keep our hair in its natural texture and color. And if you must do styling, you should take care of your hair appropriately and do thorough research regarding the pros and cons of a treatment.

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It is very important to stick to one hair routine. And include hair oils and hair masks in that routine as per your need. You also must not change shampoo and conditioner frequently. If something suits you, stick to that. If you take care of your hair properly, you will see less hair fall over time.

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