3 Steps To Help You Get On-Board The Metaverse Train

Raj Shamani
3 min readApr 25, 2022


(Even If You’re Not A Techie)

If you happen to be someone who’s always a little late to the party, I have good news for you: you’re right on time for this one.

With the way technology is hurtling forward, turning every head, it’s safe to say the Metaverse is common knowledge by now. (If you’d like a refresher. Everybody has heard of it, at the very least, even if they’re not quite sure how they’ll fit in yet.

While a tech background seems indispensable to get in on the trend, I’m happy to tell you that’s not entirely true. In my conversation with Anshul Rustaggi, founder at TotalityCorp, creator of the ZionVerse, he explained how anybody — even those disconnected from gaming and tech — can hop on the Meta train.

It only requires 3 basic steps:

1. Get curious

‘Curiosity killed the cat’, people often say, without finishing the proverb: ‘but satisfaction brought it back.’ All you really require to start stepping into the Metaverse space is a healthy dose of curiosity.
Anshul firmly believes that Meta is where the future lies, so he recommends learning about it as much as possible. Get involved with communities already talking about this, follow influencers creating in this space, and absorb as much information as possible.
Because at the end of the day, you want to be able to make your call based on useful information.

2. Realize that change is coming

While this one feels obvious, it’s still a pretty important part of the process. The first step to doing anything groundbreaking is always to recognize that things are about to change; you can then position yourself advantageously since you know where, how, when, and why they will do so.
For Anshul, the realization came early, and he happily breaks it down for us too. Metaverse intends to change how people interact with each other — socially, physically, virtually, you name it. With all of this in the works, it’s inevitable that rapid change is about to become the name of the game.
So the faster you get on board, the quicker you can get to the best bit.

3. Prepare to capitalize

We’ve seen this one before. Even though the Metaverse is shiny-new, we’ve seen the advent of other technologies come about, and there’s always been an opportunity to ride the wave: right at the start.
Let’s take Facebook as an example. If you were one of Facebook’s initial creators, you automatically grew a following solely since you were one of the first. Organic reach was much simpler, not to mention the platform itself was trying to support and promote users in an effort to harness your popularity and drive users to join.
The same thing is set to happen with the Metaverse. If you get in on the action early, you reap the best benefits of being there first.

So remember, you can indulge into the Metaverse even if you’re not a ‘techie’.

Much like me!

For other great pointers by him, watch our full conversation here.

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