3 Simplest Methods to Supercharge Your Mind

Raj Shamani
2 min readMay 8, 2023


It’s true; you can indeed manifest your dreams and goals. The key to transforming your life is to train your mind. There is a scientific term called the reticular activating system, an activation system around our brain cells. When you are hopeful about something, the message received in this activation system is positive, automatically reflecting the same in your body and activities. However, if you are unhappy or frustrated, your brain will receive the message likewise.

Let’s find out exactly how you can supercharge your mind in 3 simplest methods to achieve success.

1. Meditate

Meditation is an age-old practice, and India has always believed in its power. Various scientific results also show how meditation can positively impact your brain.

As you meditate and focus on the flow of your breath, you feel yourself calming down. It helps you concentrate on that one thing you truly want. Your thoughts take shape and become unidirectional. This also allows you to gain clarity and stability. You can achieve this by devoting just 10–15 minutes of your time daily.

2. Minimize digital interaction

You see, our brain is not built for constant hustling. The internet and smartphones are a constant distraction for your brain and divert you from your goals. So, always try to reduce your screen time, especially the time you spend surfing social media.

When you wake up in the morning, make it a habit not to check your phone. Early in the morning, your brain is fresh and bustling with ideas and creativity. Do not waste that on liking posts or refreshing your email. Do something productive. Sitting quietly and soaking in all the good vibes is better than cluttering your mind with brain-numbing activities.

3. Take a break

Jack is not the only person who gets dull with all work and no play; it happens with us too. Taking a break from work and having an undisturbed 7–8 hours of sleep is vital. Sleep allows our brain and body to repair and recover from daily fatigue and improves memory, mood, creativity, and problem-solving skills. To be our best, we must allocate quality time to recharge ourselves.

Rest helps with our focus, creativity, and energy. Taking a break doesn’t always mean doing nothing. You can read a book, listen to music, solve a puzzle, or do anything that soothes your soul or engages your intellect.

Apart from practicing these, you should learn to be self-compassionate. Visualize the success in your mind to gather more enthusiasm to work towards your goal. And never forget to lead a healthy lifestyle; nurturing your mind begins with taking care of your body. However, just remember that training your mind takes time, so be consistent and hopeful!

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