3 Reasons Why Family Is Important

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Since time immemorial, the family has always formed an essential part of the Indian cultural system. And it has continued the same way. We have seen brothers standing up for one another and sons sacrificing their lives for their fathers. Our rich culture and heritage has always been rooted in the values of family and togetherness. If you look back at the ’60s and ’70s scenario, you will find extended families living together was quite common. It wasn’t until the ’90s, with evolving societal norms, that nuclear families became more common. Let’s look at how family is and always will be an essential part of our culture.

1. Biggest support system

Often in life, it’s only our family who stands by our side. They help with their love and support. Sometimes, you would also receive a word of caution from them. And even if we stumble and return as failures, they usually embrace us openly, never disrespecting us. You might not immediately realize why your friends and parents are not encouraging you to do something; you are a different person, and have the right to act the way you like. But in most cases, in the end, you would realize that they were right.

When you want to do something different in your life or your career, you need someone by your side, rock-solid. And family gives you that kind of support and turns your biggest motivator, cheerleader, and critic.

2. You can be your true self

We meet many people at different stages of our lives. Some through work, some through personal relations. But can we honestly say how many people know our true selves? Only a few. It’s not like we’re afraid to show our true self. It’s more like we don’t want to. It’s easier to fake a smile and say you are happy than to open your heart and show your vulnerability. And it is not a shortcoming.

This is where family comes in. You can be your true self in their presence — your chosen family or your biological family. They know your likes and dislikes, so there will never come a position where you have to fake your emotions. Here lies the beauty of your family having your back.

3. Teach you life lessons

Family is the first place which teaches you important life lessons. For all of us who have siblings, we know how annoying it is to share your favorite piece of chocolate under the glare of parents. But we learned to share through that. And when you grow up and work as a team, you understand how important it is to be comfortable sharing. We also learned to adjust at an early age.

Accepting that things won’t always go as planned or exactly how we’d like can be a hard pill to swallow. But slowly, if injected into you, you will get used to it. And who better to do it than family? We all know how important a life lesson is and how it can make or break your career or your life.

It is also important to remember that family can be your group of friends or your foster family who has brought you up. If you are someone who has lost their parents or does not know about your biological family, that doesn’t mean you are lesser than others. We all find a group of people who become family to us. Again, for a few, the word family is synonymous with toxic and is triggering. For them, I hope you have your friends and partner as your family so that you can move away from the toxicity bestowed upon you.

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