3 Reasons Why Creative Reality Shows Are Still Relevant

Raj Shamani
3 min readMay 28, 2023


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The heartthrob of many, singer and songwriter Armaan Malik, was a guest in my podcast, Figuring Out. His first stint with music was in 2006. At the age of 11, he participated in the famous Indian reality show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L’il Champs. Ten years later, he returned on the same platform as a guest singer. Thus, reality shows have always been a part of him. He admitted that his father was unsure of his participation since he thought Armaan was unprepared. And as a participant, he learned loads from the platform.

Creative reality shows such as Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and Dance India Dance, among others, are popular to date. Let’s explore the reasons behind this.

1. Provides a national platform

Today, having talent alone won’t do. You need to nurture it and present it to the people at large. Reality shows are still relevant because of the exposure it provides to all. It’s one thing to prepare yourself and perform in front of families and another to sing in front of a vast audience.

You get to learn new things from co-participants as well. The showmanship genes are ingrained in you, so you do not have stage fright in the future. You do not perform for yourself there, but you keep the audience’s choice in mind. Since the shows mix and match various genres, it also forces you to get out of your comfort zone.

2. To be judged by the best

Reality shows only bring experts as judges. You get massive exposure at once, which is one reason why reality shows are still relevant. The judges do not know the participants personally, so there is no question of bias. They judge everyone on an equal scale. Imagine getting validation for your Odissi dance performance from someone as imminent as Madhuri Dixit herself! It’s a huge confidence booster.

It will break and mold you. Because there are hundreds, who are equally good at this, it takes a lot to stand out. The celebrity judges, with all their experience, guide the participants better.

3. Source of entertainment

Reality shows offer a unique form of entertainment that provides an escape from the monotony of everyday life. Whether it’s dance competitions or singing contests, reality programs offer a window into a world of excitement, drama, and competition. Viewers can enjoy seeing their favorite contestants succeed or face unexpected challenges, generating a sense of anticipation and engagement.

Moreover, reality shows often include suspense and surprise, adding to their entertainment value. They get to enjoy some good performances as well. These shows offer a reprieve from the demanding reality, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in a world of entertainment where talent and perseverance take center stage. Since these are family shows, it’s a good way of watching it together with the whole family. And this is precisely why reality shows are still relevant.

Just like everything has two sides, reality shows also have a downside. There’s excessive pressure to perform well. Child participants are often overexposed, affecting their mental health. But the scenario is changing for the better. And every year, we are getting new talent — which has only been made possible by reality show platforms.

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