3 Problem With India’s Tourism Industry

Raj Shamani
3 min readJan 14, 2024
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India is known for its diversity. The geography, the food, the culture, and the people vary from one state to another. You will find snow capped peaks, along with beaches, lush green valleys, bustling cities, and dense forest. It is really a full package. States such as Goa and Kashmir depend heavily on tourism for their income. But are we doing enough? Those who come to India get amazed by our rich culture but we need to find ways to attract more and more travelers.

1. Connecting with the technology

It is the time of the internet. Say, a person from Finland wants to come to India. He opens the website of India and Thailand simultaneously. Now, without much pondering, it’s likely they’d lean towards Thailand. Why? Because there, they can find all the info they need in one place.

For an outsider it is difficult to understand how everything works — how can he travel from one place to another, what kind of food are famous, and the tourist spots tailored to different interests. If someone does not have all the details or at least a basic overview, deciding to spend their holidays here becomes a tricky call.

Vlogging is such a popular career nowadays and many people love watching travel videos and vlogs. The Ministry of Tourism, under GOI, should therefore take it upon themselves to arrange famous vloggers from other countries to cover India and show it to the world how truly incredible this place is.

2. Budgetary allocations

India is a third world country. So, it focuses on key areas like education, healthcare, defense, and strengthening the economy. But if we could increase the budget of our tourism sector by about 2%, we can attract more tourists here.

India is working towards making its airports better, especially international ones, but we still have a long way to go. We need more international airports. We also need to tie up with international airlines for direct flights at somewhat affordable rates. Our domestic flights need so much more improvement. Just because it is a short one-hour trip, that shouldn’t mean compromising on leg space.

India’s rail journey is renowned for its scenic landscapes, but there’s room for improvement. The conditions of trains, the quality of food, cleanliness in washrooms, and punctuality need a considerable upgrade. And that is just the transportations part. India does have the potential, so we should take the opportunity and make business seamless.

3. Amenities and opportunities

When foreigners come here to relax and rewind, it’s not just about visiting significant places. It also means staying at a good hotel and having some good restaurants nearby. Also it includes proper washroom facilities. Without these essentials, it is difficult to attract more people to this country.

We also have to make use of opportunities. We have so many unexplored places in India which need to be made accessible to people. Look at America, Europe — they organize tours; including walking tours which introduce tourists to the local culture of the place. Our governments should start doing the same or collaborate with companies and invite them to India.

India’s tourism sector has huge potential just waiting to explode. With effective presentation, careful crafting, and streamlined business processes, there’s a real opportunity for us to emerge as the top tourist destination in all of South Asia.

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