3 Practical Tips to Prevent Burnout for Good

Raj Shamani
2 min readMay 2, 2023


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We often hear people complain about burnout. And we often experience it ourselves. It happens when you are overworked and experience high levels of stress every day. This is not exclusive to working professionals; parents and caregivers can also go through it.

Recently, I spoke to India’s frontline gamers Animesh, aka Thug, and Tanmay, aka Scout on my podcast Figuring Out. Gaming, as a profession, is highly stressful and can cause burnout easily. They told me how they often take breaks and resort to various forms of entertainment to prevent that. So, here are 3 practical tips that can prevent burnout.

1. Take care of yourself

Workaholic or not, you must take care of yourself. When you have been working for an extended period, take a break. Go for a vacation. Do not check emails or work-related texts after work or during a break. There should be at least 1–2 hours each day where you are by yourself. You can work out, cook, read a book, or do anything that makes you feel good, even if it’s just lying in bed.

Working or caring for your child or elderly can take up a lot of energy; if you do not replenish yourself, you will soon be exhausted.

2. Analyze the root cause

Taking a break and refilling yourself is just a way to ease the exhaustion, but if you want to prevent burnout, you must find the cause. Think about what is not making you happy. Is it your job? Is it your current supervisor? Is it a person or a situation? You will soon find an answer by yourself.

We often find ourselves buried in responsibility. And that is why we continue to do a particular work, even when it causes distress. However, continuing to ignore your mental health may prove disastrous in the long-term. So, take that hard decision. Apply for a job change, cut off a person. Only take so much on your plate that you can handle.

3. Seek help

When you cannot fix the problem, it is time for you to reach out. Talk to your friends and family or colleagues, and share what has been bothering you. If nothing works, you always have professionals to rely on.

Breaking out of a negative circle is truly important. You can also find life coaches or mentors who foster healthy relationships and enhance learning opportunities. You might be experiencing burnout because of some deep-rooted trauma ignored over the years. So, do not feel ashamed, and feel free to talk about your mental health.

Burnout can be overwhelming, and that is why you need to take action. It will help you overcome exhaustion and ultimately return to a happy life.

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