3 Opportunities for Growth in India’s Wellness Industry

Raj Shamani
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With a growing awareness of better health and adapting to a better lifestyle, India’s wellness industry has seen an evolution for the past years. People are starting to understand that wellness is not just about popping pills and supplements. Since the new generation and the old generation alike are placing a lot on well-being, India’s wellness industry is seeing opportunities for growth. Here, we will discuss the three key areas that hold the room for this growth.

1. Adapting to vegan and other healthier lifestyle

India’s traditional dietary practices have always been carb-based. A little butter and ghee (clarified butter) do not hurt but if it becomes part of daily diet, it will be a huge problem. Not to mention our love for sweets for every occasion. We have simultaneously also adapted to the junk food of the western countries, starting from pizza to burger. All of this had a tremendous effect on our lifestyle making heart disease, cholesterol, or diabetes a common disease.

And so, in the last few years the dietary preferences are changing and for the better. Many people have shifted to a complete plant-based diet, finding out alternatives for everything from paneer (cottage cheese) to cow milk. And this is where the wellness industry comes into being. Everyone wants to keep their weight under control both through diet and exercise, resulting in demand for nutritionists and lifestyle apps that guide one everyday. Collaborations between wellness experts, nutritionists, and food scientists can lead to the creation of dietary supplements, meal plans, and snacks that cater to specific health needs.

2. Digital well-being

Like we were discussing in the previous point, online platforms can often help us lead a better lifestyle. It is not possible for everyone to connect to doctors on a regular basis or bring changes to diet. So, we take help from AI-based personalized diet and exercise routines. Mobile apps, wearable devices, and online platforms can serve as virtual wellness hubs, offering everything from fitness routines and mental health resources to nutritional guidance. Virtual consultations with wellness experts, telemedicine services, and AI-driven health assessments are becoming increasingly popular, providing individuals with convenient and tailored solutions for their well-being needs.

3. Legacy of wellness

India has always been known as the land of yogis and ayurveda. People are now starting to see the science and the benefits of it. As India is leading the way by celebrating International Yoga Day every 21st of June, the world has started to take notice of it. Yoga does not just helps you to be physically fit, it soothes your nerves, calms you, and enhances your concentration. As global travel trends shift towards wellness-focused experiences, India has an opportunity to capitalize on its heritage by promoting wellness retreats, spa resorts, and yoga centers. We can cater both to domestic and international tourists if the hospitality industry collaborates with wellness experts, creating a rejuvenating experience. The integration of sustainable practices in these wellness destinations further aligns with the growing global interest in eco-friendly and conscious travel.

However, we still have a long way to go to include more people in this ‘cult’. People need to be educated as to the benefits of prioritizing health over everything else. As we indulge in overeating and a sedentary lifestyle, our body starts to malfunction. It is afterall a machine and the more you stay away from toxins, the better it will be.

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